The journal is open access to ensure the highest visibility of articles, not only in academia but also in the industry, helping agriculture make sound, evidence led sustainable decisions.

Submissions must meet the comprehensive standards set in our ethics policy, and go through a rigorous and objective peer review process.

The journal uses a leading publishing platform and typesetting service to ensure articles are easy to discover online.

 A UK based journal to advance sustainable agriculture around the world.

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What we publish:

We predominantly publish primary research articles and literature reviews. We will also publish preliminary studies, case studies, letters to the editor and opinion pieces if they are deemed relevant by the editing team and meet our ethics policy and peer review process.  

We are looking for any article that may advance the three pillars of sustainability in agriculture from a management theory, agricultural practice & engineering or scientific perspective. 

Whilst this can be perceived as a broad spectrum of interest for an academic journal, we believe that to achieve a sustainable future in agriculture, a holistic approach must be taken pulling all disciplines of sustainability together. We are creating a one-stop shop of sustainable agricultural research for both academia and the industry. 

Your research is important to us and the world. That is why we ensure your article has the greatest impact possible:  

Open access

The journal is open access, meaning it is free to view by everyone in the academic community as well as the industry. Your article will not be locked behind an expensive subscription fee.

Peer reviewed

All articles must meet our strict ethics policy, pass plagiarism checks, and pass our objective peer review process from our hand-picked peer reviewers and editorial team. We ensure your article is published to the highest academic standard and becomes a highly regarded citation in its own right.  

Easily found

It is essential that your article is easy to find and indexed on major academic search engines such as Google Scholar. For this, our publication has its own ISSN designation, and your article is assigned its own DOI number as well as article specific meta-data for search engine indexing.  

Value for money

We provide an affordable submission fee structure with no hidden charges. Our up to date publication fees are displayed on our website, and best of all, we take no payments until an article has passed all the review steps and is accepted for publication.  

Sustainability is ensuring that current & future generations have the resources they need to thrive. Your research is paramount to this goal, and we take our responsibility with your research very seriously. 

Before submitting, please read our: 

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